Design, Construct, Validate and Maintain


Newsprinters is part of the global newspaper manufacturing empire and part of that empire is News Corporation, which has three very large press halls in Glasgow, Liverpool and London.

T-SQUARED has been working with News Corporation since before 2007 when they commissioned T-SQUARED to complete an HVAC installation at their Glasgow production facility. Following the success of the HVAC installation works, T-SQUARED was appointed to provide Facilities Services at their new Eurocentral site after their incumbent contractor failed to meet performance level expectations.

Facilities Services

As a result of providing successful Facilities Services at Eurocentral, T-SQUARED was appointed to provide Facilities Services at their flagship facility at Broxbourne, north of London.

The role of our Facilities Services team

T-SQUARED provides business critical Facilities Services to ensure production availability of 100%. This vital service requires the following input from T-SQUARED at the Eurocentral and Broxbourne sites:

  • On site team of 20 engineers 24/7
  • Back up from local office mobile division in Basingstoke
  • Support from Head Office
  • Helpdesk support from Head Office Chartered Engineers


Success with this client is due to the high levels of service and expertise offered by T-SQUARED, in addition to sound knowledge of Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) operations.

Energy Management

‘Hot off the press’ is a literal term. The energy cost which is associated with the production of each newspaper is significant and is a figure which is used as a benchmark across all 3 sites.

Maximising the use of free cooling, reducing fan and pump speeds and monitoring chiller COP are examples of present initiatives in the aim to reduce energy bills by six figure sums. Providing the correct environment at the correct cost can only be achieved if the complex dynamics in the psychrometrics in the process are clearly understood. T-SQUARED Chartered Engineers have worked closely with the Newsprinters Team over a three year period to move towards these goals, however there is still considerable work to be undertaken in order to meet these targets.