Design, Construct, Validate and Maintain

Facilities Services

Once you have high-tech cleanroom or specialist laboratory facilities constructed and validated it is vital that they remain operational within the tight parameters specified on a 24/7 basis all year round. This can only be achieved with a strict regime of service and maintenance.

Our facilities services teams operate nationwide through a network of strategically located regional centres to minimise call-out times. These centres provide 24-hour call-out services 365 days per year to ensure that you are kept in production at all times. 

Our facilities services teams offer different levels of service cover depending on your business requirement:

Non-critical maintenance

Non-critical maintenance is appropriate for clients who will be discomforted by a breakdown but it will not threaten their business. Under these circumstances, T-SQUARED service engineers will only attend when a breakdown occurs. 

Preventative maintenance

Preventative maintenance is required where breakdowns are to be avoided as they will affect the business operations. Normally, preventative service & maintenance contracts are agreed for a 3-year period with scheduled visits programmed for each year to service the equipment with a view to avoiding breakdowns. These clients will also benefit from our 24-hour call-out facility with a dedicated call-out number. 

Critical facilities maintenance 

Critical facilities are essential for businesses where breakdowns will create major problems or even cease business continuity. As part of our critical facilities cover, we undertake preventative maintenance and also ensure sites are covered by permanent, 24 hours per day on-site maintenance personnel who can be called out to any emergencies that may occur. 

Our experienced team of service engineers are fully qualified for all of the above situations with the majority being multi-disciplined to provide maximum on-site efficiency. While on site, the engineers are in constant contact with our central help desk who can provide them with historical records for the plant being serviced and any technical back up required.

With health & safety being of paramount importance we operate stringent health, safety & environmental systems to keep our engineers, our clients and the public safe with the necessary paperwork being simply generated for our clients during each site visit. This is generated in accordance with the following HSE and quality accreditations which are held by T-SQUARED.