Design, Construct, Validate and Maintain

Here when you need us

Our service and maintenance personnel use the Help Desk in our Glasgow HQ building to control operations. At the heart of this is a bespoke system that controls every aspect of the request from call logging to issuing a final report.

This system includes the following key features:

  • First call raises unique request number
  • Project is prioritised using the agreed KPIs
  • Quotations issued if required
  • All materials and labour costs logged
  • Reports can be issued to the client as the engineer leaves the site
  • Site history available for all plant items under S & M umbrella
  • Critical assets monitored to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements for cGMP Cleanrooms and Laboratory facilities
  • Tailor made reports can be provided as required
  • Enforce response times, coverage schedules, callbacks, assignment, PMs and escalation rules
  • Modify pricing with contract-specific adjustments or overrides
  • Establish invoicing rules for advance, arrears, full or partial period billings
  • Establish technician scheduling and compensation plans
  • Improve contract visibility and concession tracking
  • Manage warranty details and identify potential revenue sources
  • Create contracts to meet customer or market specific requirements
  • Manage contract line items at the customer, site, product or asset level
  • Prorate line item additions, changes or cancellations