Design, Construct, Validate and Maintain

Our team-based approach

T-SQUARED Electrical has a wealth of experience in the installation of new process equipment. We understand that capital investment of process critical equipment is designed to increase our customer’s competitiveness and productivity in the long term. We will work closely with your suppliers as part of the install team, and can offer services including:

  • Installation of process equipment
  • Installation of any interconnecting controls and LV connections
  • Installation of specialist stainless steel containment systems within clean room environments
  • Installation qualification (IQ)
  • Validation of control systems
  • T-SQUARED Electrical’s experienced team of engineers has an in-depth knowledge of European processes, designs, and integration techniques through working with process equipment imported from across Europe. You can be confident that our involvement will help to deliver a smooth installation with minimal operational disruption

Design & build of control panels

T-SQUARED Electrical can offer design and build of control panels for both new build facilities and site refurbishments, working across all types of electrical control panels such as HVAC and automated control systems. Our experienced team of engineers can work with manufacturing partners to develop bespoke products for individual design requirements, with a focus on quality and efficiency throughout.

New & replacement LV switchgear

T-SQUARED Electrical can offer design and installation services of low voltage switchgear and control panels. Whether for a new build facility or as part of a replacement programme for ageing equipment, we can design custom panels to fit existing or specific footprints. We work closely with recognised manufacturers (including Schneider, MEM, and ABB) to ensure we can guarantee quality and results, and all designs will meet L2 compliance.

T-SQUARED Electrical understands that long power outages during critical LV maintenance can be costly and disruptive. Our experienced teams have developed unique project control methodologies to minimise operational disruption where possible.