Design, Construct, Validate and Maintain

Full lighting design & installation service

Within a commercial or industrial environment, the design of lighting and control systems is a key part of ensuring a facility is user friendly, cost effective, and energy efficient. T-SQUARED Electrical offers full design and installation services for a wide range of environments; from office fit outs to cleanrooms. With our experienced team we are able to offer independent consultancy on lighting products – ensuring that the products recommended are specific to your individual needs, and of the quality you expect from a T-SQUARED supplier.

With the ever-increasing demand for energy savings, we recognise that energy efficient lighting and automated controls are critical to delivering cost savings and environmental benefits for our clients. T-SQUARED Electrical can offer a full lighting survey designed to demonstrate your energy consumption, and make recommendations for potential savings.

A balanced approach

Our approach to lighting design is to balance the needs of the end user with the business requirement for energy and cost efficiency. T-SQUARED Electrical recently completed the design of a cleanroom light fitting. Working closely with Astra lighting, T-SQUARED Electrical was instrumental in the design and build of a bespoke light fitting. The solution enabled our client to complete reactive maintenance very quickly on fittings, minimising both production downtime and contamination risks.