Design, Construct, Validate and Maintain

Extensive cover

Our qualified facilities services engineers and 24/7 call facility, provide an extensive range of critical plant cover which extends to heating, boiler and burner services.

Our expertise ranges from small to large commercial and industrial LTHW, MTWH and steam heating systems with fuel sources ranging from natural gas, oil, LPG and biogas fired burners.

This particular service also covers water heaters, industrial unit heaters and calorifiers.

Our regular maintenance checks cover boiler operation, burners, controls, safety devices, water treatment, combustion readings and emission levels. Our engineers provide full records of all checks carried out, with full electronic traceability and official T-SQUARED documentation on completion.

High quality, reliable planned preventative maintenance programmes improve the life and reliability of equipment. However, in the event of an upgrade or replacement, T-SQUARED can also assist with selection and any necessary works, carried out in a safe and efficient manner.