Design, Construct, Validate and Maintain

The key to successful design & build

Detailed project planning is the key to a successful design and build. Our experienced team have worked on projects of all sizes and understand how vital comprehensive planning is to a successful project.

We carry out detailed planning at the start of every project to ensure delivery is met at each stage. Our ongoing progress is reviewed and adapted, where applicable, on a regular basis to meet the changing needs of the project. All aspects of the project are planned to deliver efficiency of costs as well as impeccable quality.

Delivering complex & demanding projects 

We believe with the correct planning and team of experienced individuals that we can deliver the most complex and demanding projects on time and on budget. The combination of effective project planning and consistent delivery has led to repeat business levels of 90%.

Planning capabilities

Every project, whether upgrading existing systems or developing new systems, begins with our senior planning team gaining a full understanding of your project requirements. From here, our planning and design teams will develop a bespoke solution for your project in full consultation with your project stakeholders.

Project management 

T-SQUARED will assemble a project management team built around the specific requirements of your project, according to scope and deliverables. Each project manager will have the relevant industry experience to be able to take your project from concept through to completion, whilst adhering to the specific regulatory requirements of your industry.

Their responsibilities across each project include:

  • Liaison with the client and T-SQUARED management team to ensure all project milestones are met,
  • Ensuring all project specifications are delivered,
  • Overseeing all stages of commissioning and installation,
  • Delivery of a comprehensive training program,
  • Budget and schedule updates.