Design, Construct, Validate and Maintain

Business strength

A combination of operating a low overhead business model combined with tight financial controls has seen T-SQUARED achieve organic growth year on year from a standing start in 2003. This approach, coupled with strong financial management has placed T-SQUARED in a very strong financial position.

Whilst our core services of design and project management are delivered through our 85 strong team, T-SQUARED operates a low overhead business model through outsourcing non-core activity to our ‘tried and trusted’ network of specialist subcontractors. 

Our steadfast financial strength and on-time or early-payment practices mean subcontractors are eager to be a part of the T-SQUARED team and provide exceptional work quality for any project, no matter the size or complexity. 

Operating a business which revolves around outsourcing continues to pay dividends. It ensures we retain the lowest possible overheads through eliminating ‘non-productive time’. This, in turn, ensures we retain our competitive advantage within the marketplace. When you choose T-SQUARED, you can be confident of our financial stability, competitive pricing structure and ability to deliver your project from concept to completion.

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